You can do privates and groups on mobile! Did anyone know?


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I was on mfc with my ipad and I was so annoyed by the webRTC streams cropping into 4:3 when going fullscreen, that I tried to go to the desktop site to see if happened the same (it didn't)

When I went to a model's page I noticed that the private and group links weren't grayed out

So I immediately went to a page where there was a private to try to spy and.. LE SHOCK! It worked! I was able to spy a private on mobile!

So you don't need flash to do a private or to join a group show

I don't know for how long this thing has been going on

so, to join a group / do or spy a private on a mobile device:
- DON'T go to the default mobile page
- DON'T request desktop website from
- DON'T go to the brand new major failure
- just GO TO (sometimes the homepage takes a lot of time to load, but after it's loaded it works normally)

tested on ipad pro and iphone 7