xHamsterlive experience


Staff member
Xhamster was the first site I started on and it was a good learning experience for me as a beginner. First up I appreciated that the site accepted my state ID as I don't have a drivers licence and didn't have a passport at the time. Making it possible for me to cam at all, most other sites rejected it.

I was on the site from 2013 and left in early 2015. The main reason for me leaving at the time was I thought the model profiles looked too similar to the dating profiles , so most of my messages were people trying to meet up. I got overwhelmed with the volume of messages I received, which was especially distracting when I was on cam. I can't remember if there was an option to turn messages off or not but that would have been helpful.

The amount of trolls I had in my room was too high for the amount of money I made ,which also had an impact on me leaving. I felt I got more respect from members at other sites I ended up trying.

Having said that I did have a lot of fun and learned a bit about camming from the site. Especially how to deal with members , difficult or otherwise.

Since I left I've noticed the site has introduced moderators , simplified model profiles and a more modern look to the cam pages. So now I am more experienced I would consider coming back to see how the site has improved.