Why are they writing to me on chaturbate about pm?

Why are they writing to me on Chaturbate about pm?
I'm new there. And some will write me a pm themselves and others beg me to send them a pm. Why are they doing this? I'd be quite interested. Why do they write to me to send them a pm?
Thank you girls.
PS-Just a warning to others. I received fake announcements about the dice game in the chat on the Chaturbate, and the tokens didn't nail. But the user was already gone.

They usually write pm's (private messages, I take it?) as a way to try grabbing your attention, more one on one. If you want, you can technically charge for PM's. Personally, I haven't gone live in awhile so I'm not sure how Chaturbate is looking lately.

I'd say experiment and reply to some for free at the beginning to see how it goes; I've been able to get my show turned into a private show from doing that in the past several times. Hope this helps!