What's your cover?

Hi, if you only cam and make enough money, friends and family might have questions if they don't know what you do.
So my question to you all is:
What's your cover, what do you say you do for a living?

I just recently had to find a cover cause I just quit my job in the store I worked in. And everyone around me is worried.

I mentioned I'm going to start as a freelance designer, it works out for me cause I have my degree in graphic design.


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just today i told a friend that i sell stuff online, im not sure if that is a good cover or not but i actually do sell stuff online, but she already knows about THAT cause she is in that biz with me, so she was asking how i make my other income lol will see when she replies back to my email lol i may just start telling everyone that my MLM biz im in is just doing that well and its all i do? i dont know? but i am look forward to see what other girls say! i need some good ideas