What wrong with adultwork jci encoder... ?


Jr. Member
the f*ck with justcamit of AdultWork iam loosing credits.. people comes to my room and when i click ok not less than a second they puff just log out just like that.. dont know if they cant see me or they dont like me iam so frustrated..

do somebody here knows how can i use the web version of JCI or also know as videochat.tv justcamit lite??

shed some light people thanxxx


Jr. Member
Yes I'm having the same problem, as are many other AW girls. The reason the punters aren't staying is because on their side the cam isn't loading properly, and their free time is up before they get to speak to you. I checked this out with one of my fellow dommes last week, then promptly tweeted AW to get it sorted! This has been happening since the new version came out, so there are obviously bugs in the system. I would advise using the web version until it is finally sorted (if AW ever pull their finger out to sort it that is!). You should simply follow the instructions to add your cam and away you go. It's actually easier than the JCI version x