What would a new site need to get your attention?


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I am a software developer interested in making a new site that's as model friendly as possible, and running it lean to pass as much money as possible to the models. I see that there's currently almost 150 sites listed in the cam site section, so obviously competition is high. What would you need to see from a "free cam" style site in order to gain your attention? What do you hate seeing that might drive you away? Thanks for your help!


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Want to see - age verified member accounts (CC required to verify), minors be swarmin' the free cam sites! also cuts down on freeloaders.
- Ability for members to pay for and book skype shows through the camsite. Lets be honest here, if a custie is looking for a skype show he's not going to settle for going private on a cam site. He's going to keep looking for a model that will say yes to skype.
-Paxum for payout
-Payoneer for payout (I want to see both in case there is troubles with one we can switch to the other)
-Min 50% payout with a low minimum withdraw/cashout limit ($20-$50)
-Short cashout wait time (scheduled payouts or 3 days to receive after cashout)
- HTML enabled profiles

Things that will push me away
-Sites that do not give me ownership to my own content.
-Sites that do not give an opt in option for promotional content (recording broadcasts or taking upload videos and putting them on tube sites or offering to "V.I.P" members without compensating models, taking profile pictures to use in advertising campaigns.)
-Site that advertise as free and do not care to mention it's free to chat but Pay-To-Play
-Sites that don't cover chargebacks

If i think of more I'll add them