What to do when you feel that clients are sucking the life out of you?

So I'm working in SM and I usually earn enough, but in the last few months I'm feeling like it's really hard to be on the site.
I work as a couple and we try to be nice with everyone, but people just talk so much, in free chat, that I feel like I can't do anything else but talk to them. All the time I'm live.
Guys act like they want to be our friend, or talk dirty, or ask tons of questions about my show that are so specific that Ifeel like they are just jerking off for free while I answer.
What I learnd about being a camgirl is that you should always look happy, and talkative, and show interest for the clients, but it is really making me sick. The last drop was yesterday, when I literally just finished a show with my jaw hurting because of overlagh and smiles.
Do you talk to your clients all the time? Is it wrong or will it make me win less if I simply don't show a lot of simpathy to them in the free chat? Sometimes I just wish I could answer only the necessary and just wait for the clients to come pvt.
(also, Ihave fibromialgia, so it's really hard to focus inone activity for many hours)


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You are supposed to set boundaries both in your free and your private chat.

When you feel they are asking something too explicit just tell them "I don't talk about that in public" or... "come to private to know the answer" be creative with your replies.

Also remember that you don't have to answer to each comment or question you get in your free chat. Focus in conversations that don't make you feel uncomfortable. You don't need to give any explanation to someone who asks you "WHY???" "WHY IN PRIVATE???" "WHY NOT IN FREE???"... you already know they are not worth your time and effort, focus your attention on people who DO NOT make fool comments, do not focus on freeloaders.