What to do when someone tries to lowball me requesting a custom?

i know that sounds kind of vague. but i take custom clips on iWantClips so people can choose categories when requesting a clip. some categories are free and some i charge for.
foot fetish, shoes, and socks are categories i offer; foot fetish is no extra charge but shoes and socks are $5 extra each.
someone requested a clip involving shoes and socks but requested only under the "foot fetish" category.
do i message them explaining that they need to request again and pick the other categories? should I request a bigger tip? or is it unreasonable for me to be charging for this?
I am sort of new to making videos. it's been difficult for me to do as much as i want because of my other job and i haven't been getting as many sales as i want, so i really want to do as many orders as possible, but also don't want to let people get away with paying a cheaper price than my content is worth.


Jr. Member
I would send them a message and let them know what they need to select. They should always pay whatever price is set by you. Always stick to your goals sweetie. And if they give you a hard time just remember for every cheap guy out there, that there is always someone who will pay your prices or higher! Happy Camming