Violated! Found recordings of my shows through Google

So my bf googled my camgirl name and told me that he was able to see ALL my shows from different sites compiled at

I feel violated, do I have any rights about getting these videos down? Anybody can watch.. It seems they even show private show recordings but I'm way too irate to really get my nails dirty with this now.. But does anybody have any experience with that site? Are y'all on it as well?
Ahhhhhhh talk to me!
Hey there! You might want to check those websites mentioned above but as Lakshmi said, you got no control over that in the end of the day.

Also, remember bout face recognition techniques - to be honest during any job interview you are very likely not to go through this test positively and pics might pop up (a lot of idiots take screenshots of you unfortunately, whether you like it or not, on the deepweb as well if you offer ageplay shows etc).

If you don't think you can make it and will lose your sanity over it, you might want to quit cause it's not worth it.