Video/Mic Glitches?


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Hello! I am brand new to MFC and just had my first broadcast on Friday. It went well for the most part aside from some camera focusing issues (I have the logitech c920x) and I also used the windows-based application to broadcast, but found it difficult to use and kept missing comments and tips because it would glitch out and skip back in the chat. The next night I used the web-based application to broadcast and found the layout so much easier to figure out but that night as I was broadcasting I started having sound issues, no one could hear me. I checked everything, refreshed everything, checked any and all mute/volume buttons I could find, I did everything I could think to do..nothing worked. And then on top of that, my video feed kept freezing. So that night I bought a brand new macbook air and a blue yeti microphone to use the next night. It worked beautifully at first but then the same issues started happening again with the sound not working and the video feed freezing. I did eventually figure out that when it froze I could click the "Go Away" button 4 times and my video feed would come back up. I'm good with technology usually but webcams and live broadcasting is completely new to me. Has anyone else had any experiences like this or am I just missing something super simple? Any help is sooo appreciated! Thank you in advance!