"vanilla" shows


Hey Girls! I was wondering... Have I been at this for too long now and just don't have the patience anymore.. ? or do you experience the same thing ?
I am talking about the vanilla shows here. Those that come in and just ask you to "strip and play" .. no indication of how it's going .. if they like it or not , no input whatsoever. I sometimes feel like dozing off when doing those. My mind starts to wonder as I get so bored , it amazes me how they don't even notice it..
so , How do you feel about them ? would you rather do something more interacting ? Cause I feel like I am in a bad marriage for 40 years and just lay there and wait for him to finish.


Jr. Member
Honestly I'd rather do a boring vanilla show than a complicated one (special outfit, uncomfortable poses and/or accessories...) as long as I am making money I don't care, I watch the tokens pile up Smiley ;)

I agree when customers say "just do whatever you like" it's annoying because I have nothing to start with so I try to ask questions about their preferences, and if they don't reply, I say: tell me if you like it or not. If they shut up, I assume they enjoy my show so I do what I feel like. Boring but easy money!