UPDATE on New Site Post


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I recently posted about a new cam site that my partner and I are creating. I was quite shocked and surprised at the negative responses I received. For the few that were positive, THANK YOU! But I was really disappointed in how many people wanted to slam this site before it is even up and running. I made it clear in my original post that we are in the process of creating the site, and that we hope it will be ready to launch by early spring or possibly sooner than that. So I made it clear that the site was NOT up and running yet. I posted about it because my partner and I wanted to put the word out in advance, so we could start a list of potential models that were interested in working on the site. Anyway, I have taken down my original post, because at this point I feel like I am just being attacked by a lot of nay sayers that just want to be negative about something I feel is very positive. So my partner and I are continuing on with our plans for our new site, and are still accepting email addresses from anyone that is interested in learning more about our site, and/or interested in being added to the list of potential models. So please PM me with an email address if you are interested. And thank you again, to those of you that have a vision, like my partner and I do.


You sound like the same person that came into the ACF forum asking for input and then told us to screw ourselves when they didnt like the answers. Or maybe you and your partner just think exactly the same?
It seems like youve been around this forum for a bit, so you should realize everyone that comes here with a "business idea" gets asked the same questions and treated the same.
Most ppl wouldnt decide to work a platform with never seeing it.
Furthermore, it blows my mind you have so many years of experience and think its a good idea to jump on a brand new cam company. Ever heard of youkandy? They shut down abruptly and took thousands from their models.
If you cant take advice from the people that will be making you money, you guys are going to have a hell of a time.