Unusual MFC/Cam Problem

Okay, so my laptop is pretty new still, I've had it since June/July this year. For about a month or 2 I've been having this really off problem. It doesn't happen on my desktop, so it must be a laptop issue. Basically what happens if when I'm on MFC late night (between 10 pm - 2 am Eastern time) my sound eventually starts to cut in and out, it usually starts during a pvt or grp show (go figure, worst timing..) and eventually it just goes out completely. I always try to log out and restart the computer or the MFC program, but after that I am unable to log into my room, like the whole program just freezes. The rest of the computer works fine, I can get on yahoo messenger or even skype. It usually ends my night of caming completely as anything I try or check does nothing. I dont know if its an MFC problem, or just my laptop.

It always works fine again the next day! Can anyone help me?! It boggles my mind. I have a dell inspiron running windows 7 and I am using a logitech pro 9000 webcam. I also have very fast internet so I don't think that's the issue. It just doesn't make any sense and the way it happens each time is very odd. I'm starting to think that when it happens just deal with no sound rather than getting screwed out of a night of caming! I'd really liek to fix this problem before I move into my new apartment as I'll be on MFC more and more for longer periods of time, I cant afford for this to keep happening :(

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it! I'm not computer illiterate, but this is beyond my skills or expertise lol


I've encountered this problem before, and also having my audio speed up until i sound like a "chipmunk" lol. I've noticed that if I turn on my logitech 9000 before logging into MFC, and then turn it off before accessing the model software I almost never have a problem. For some reason turning the cam on and then turning it off seems to help it "wake up", and when the mfc software accesses it it seems to be bug free.

Hope that helps!