I searched to see if this was a topic in the past without success. I'm sure you'll let me know Tristan.

What toys are people using in their shows? Do you prefer clitoral stimulators? Dildos? I see girls using anal toys every so often.

Hitachi's seem to dominate. Although, I can't seem to figure out why. I feel like they're awkward and obstruct the view of my lady bits. (hooray)(hooray)


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I like my massage wand best (it's not an Hitachi but I like my wand more as it has variable speed)...but the guys don't like the wand as much as my realistic vibrator. I've had guys leave a show when I start to use the wand. I have all sorts of toys but I don't have a glass one yet.

I use the realistic one most as it goes with what I'm saying to them, hard to imagine that something is them when it looks nothing like the real thing.