Tippers who pretend they have a gf


Jr. Member
Some guys just like to tip you and then messaging you private and bragging how they are usually not tipping for this kinda stuff,. they have a gf blah blah blah..
They are like: ''i like the real thing'' ''you gotta understand that i like real meeting''
then keep tipping u to reply to their messages
trying to lure you in,. to trick you into meeting lol lol lol
Then keep inventing shit,. too much fantasy in their stupid heads like they had a school gf underage gf,. and they are old as hell i bet they don't have any gf or didn't had any in the last 10 years at least
Then another old man once said: ''3 girls are coming over now'' Hahaha nice try i mean nice try to make me think that they are Brad Pitt
what a losers i bet they never seen a real girls except their monitors and just starring with their eyes red and tired from seeing cam models (cam models bosses )


Iam not paid to judge, I am paid to explore the fantasy. If it makes them feel good to discuss the fictional wife/girlfriend/lover/whoever with me and pretend they haven't been a member on the site since '97, ok I am ready.