Thought you guys would get a kick out of this.


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So, I really don't follow my horoscope that closely, but every once in a while I'll look it up for some general entertainment. I couldn't sleep last night, so I went looking for my 2019 predictions.

This coming year I am planning a lot of changes, taking certain things very seriously that I haven't before considering I am going to dive into camming and some other business building full time, (probably more than), and really want 2019 to be a banging year.

So part of my 2019 prediction said this and I really got a kick out of it and thought I would share.

As in past years you are investing in yourself, a wise move, as this tends to be the best investment long term. You are investing in making yourself a better person through studies in self improvement, personality development and the like, and through upgrading and updating your image. You spend lavishly on yourself. You dress expensively. You pamper yourself.

In short, you don the image of wealth and success and as you adopt this image, others see you as wealthy and the wealth vibration increases in your aura. Whether or not you're actually rich, you will dress and accessorize as if you are.

There is logic in this now. For your personal appearance seems to play an unusually important role in your earnings. It's as if you are "marketing" yourself, always selling the self.

It's not so much your skills that bring earnings, but your appearance and overall demeanour. It is the image that brings earnings.

Well, that was one horoscope that hit that part pretty much right on the head.