things that ruin your camming mood


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So i was online on ImLive chatting and all and here comes this guy Heisenberg6 . He seems to know a lot about me but he claim he just "researched" me. he asks me about my wishlist, if someone ever bought me anything off it, i tell him no. after that he starts asking me about my videos "do you get paid if i watch your videos?" i asked him where he found them, he didn't say, so i say yes, i get a % from the videos people buy. so next thing he says is "oh, now i feel a little bad". when i ask why he says "well, i sort of...stole them all". SO...there goes my camming mood. i try to keep my poker face but inside me i'm raging. then he says that he was thinking to buy me a gift to make up for that. when i tell him that my videos are worth over 300$ so the gift better be worth that also, he says he wasn't expecting that, and leaves.
What do you guys think...did he actually stole ALL of my videos..and from where? i know on MDH is possible, i had a stalker before who hacked the site and did that, because "they don't allow him to buy credits with paypal" but on ELM and C4S i don't think it's so easy. and..i have over 60 videos, in the few minutes we talked, he wouldn't have time to download them all...
What would you do in my situation?