Terms of Camsites/Taboo’s


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When I was researching which camsite to start working on I read reviews and the camsites terms/conditions on their websites. Most seem to have the same terms for the most part and a lot of taboo fetishes are against the rules. Now of course many guys try to talk you into things, telling me stuff like “SM doesn’t really care” or “They don’t care what you do in private” - I know this can’t be true and I refuse and lose the customer. But there are some taboo’s I would like to do, such as DDLG role play, or period shows. Gross to some, I know, but I honestly have gotten my period more often because of a BC Implant, if I don’t start doing period shows I’m missing a lot of work. I’m still new and need to keep growing my following and be as consistent as possible, so this is really bothering me. So I could keep reading every website’s terms, but do any of you girls know of a cam site that is looser on the rules? It seems like there are cammmodels that do these taboos when I look on twitter, but they seem to work independently on Skype (not SkyPrivate, who has same terms, no taboos)... so they must be paid via PayPal? And I’ve heard it’s not safe. Any suggestions are appreciated!! Thanks girls!


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First of all .. i would never risc to be banned on one of my main "Money earning" accounts - so better stay with the terms on these.

if you want independently - there are ways .. best way is :

have a own domain - build a website with registration on it - get a paymentprovider like indiebill and then start selling your shows via your website.

you can also look for a shop that offers voucher and add voucher to your payment (as indiebill only offers Creditcard) also this way you get 100% of the earnings

and never use paypal ..

first trolls will charge back and as sexual is forbitten - you don´t want to contest it
second - paypal don´t allow payment for sexual "things" - they freeze your account the second they know about it ..