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About a week ago I was tipping and chatting with a model on StripChat. It was nice enough, so I started to follow her. A few days later I logged back in and found a long offline PM thanking me for this and that and bablabla funny/nice/gentleman, AND that she had the same model name on 'stripmate' AND that I was very welcome to continue with my incredibly bad jokes and slightly less incredibly bad tokens there. She is supposedly online there 6 days per week on a fixed schedule. StripChat was just random performances now and then (which seems legit since she hasn't been on SC for five days).

Now for the fun part: 'stripmate' does not exist at all (parked domain), and her model name is nowhere to be found on Streamate. I checked in case she also was a typo queen. If I google her model name I end up with a fine collection of housewife Twitter/IG accounts and her SC room instead of ... what I was looking for.

Questions (just curious):
  1. Did she actually tell me to fuck right off in the most impossibly pleasant and elaborate way imaginable. After all, a simple ban would do.
  2. If 'stripmate' was a brain fart on her end, what sites have similar names?
  3. Should I be asking this at all?