Streamate payments in Canada


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I signed up with Streamate a couple weeks ago. But my payment info has been pending since then. I'm trying to get them to send checks to Canada. I read in the reviews here by one model that they won't send a check to Canada (though the site says it's an available option)? I've written customer service, no response. Am I waiting for something that will never happen again? And does their customer support always ignore email?


Not true at all,

Streamate is one of my primary sites. I am in Canada, I get paid from check via mail.

My order of getting paid from Streamate is check, then wire since it's now available for Canada, then Paxum or epayservices.

Checks are mailed out on Thursdays could take up to 2 weeks to 30 days to arrive depending on mail delivery in your area and if Canada is on a mail strike.