Streamate or Myfreecams or...? Need your highly valued advice on this one


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Ok where to begin...
I am a new girl on the block and have been camming on CB for just under 30 days now.. I am ready to cash out with my $74 Smiley :S for the first (and prbobably last) time on CB.

After hours and hours of prep work and being on cam, I decided last night when I made sixty cents I was OUT OF THERE. I started as a 'non-nude' which quickly turned into a topless model and I have had to really fight to keep from outright masturbating with my giant purple vibrator in the free chat.

I am looking for a site with a different design than CB, i.e.: NO FREE SHOWS. I have given countless people who refuse to even chat with me (my core followers who are awesome, actually haven't really tipped me much at all, lol, BUT their conversation/support on twitter is what has kept me going for the few weeks I have been camming) free shows, basically. I put a lot of hard work into what I do BECAUSE I do not want to masturbate on camera. I've been shaking/spanking my ass, teasing like hell with my tits, rubbing myself, busting out the sexy new (expensive) catsuit, these guys/gals have been getting free rides and I am O V E R it. When I go check out someone else's room, I ALWAYS tip, even if its a small amount.

I am leaning towards SM because from what I understand, they 1. do not allow straight up sexual acts in free chat (yes, please) and 2. even have a 'category' for lingerie models or something of that nature. Yet... before I rush off and get verified for another site, I wanted to see if anyone had advice for which may fit me better than CB. CB has been actually hacking away at what once was a relatively high level of self-esteem, 'I think I look really good... why isn't anyone coming in my room? I think I look hot as hell... why are these guys just sitting there and not responding to direct questions... Damn I look great! So..why is no one showing a bit of love in the form of tokens or even talking to me??' To sum up what I WILL do: Dance (pretty well.. that ballet training is coming in handy, thanks mom and dad, lol) my ass off/strip tease/burlesque, spank myself-hard (I made a new paddle which I hardly used last night because....tired of free spanks!!) foot fetish things, take requests for kink that don't venture into illegal territory, rub myself on my *kitty*-tee hee- every so often, (frankly, if someone actually paid me,

I would probably utilize my purple toys much more), and slip into that catsuit and be and do anything I feel like doing, I consider myself a switch hitter when it comes to being a sub/dom. I know everyone has their own opinions and experiences with each site, I now have my own of CB, but if anyone could steer me towards a place I may fit in better (I can act sweet, friendly and smile for the camera, but I much prefer to be strict and well... domineering.. as it suits my personality better) where I may not have so may free 'grey' lurkers... (which btw, I have never been rude to anyone for any reason in the month since I have started, I understand those tokens cost way more for them than they earn for us and that not everyone has loads of $$ at any given moment, and maybe they would come back with money after payday.... which did not happen for me, I have been keeping notes on all of this) if people are going to watch me do my *thang*, how about toss a few fucking nickels my way? Ok.. This concludes my questions/post/bitch fest.
Thanks in advance for any helpful responses!


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Streamate definitely. I know they don't let you work elsewhere, but I honestly don't need to. I make anywhere between 50 an hour on the low end, to over $100 an hour on the high end doing private shows. There's a constant flow of traffic and customers (quality over quantity for sure; two nights in a row I had someone spend over an hour in my paid area) and the culture there is generally much better, because there's an understanding that if you're there, you're gonna spend money.

I worked all 7 days last week and got $1276. This week I've only worked Monday - Thursday so far, and I've gotten $1147, which means $1500 is very possible. I can't guarantee you'll make those numbers, but I feel like I can guarantee you'll do better than $74 a month. Just find your niche, and understand that it will get better the longer you're there, because Streamate ranks you higher based on how much time you spend online (and also the quality of your cam and your star rating).

So yes. Big thumbs up to Streamate. I used to do a Chaturbate-type site (Cam4) and while I did get money from it, the freeloaders were a pain and it was very inconsistent and I had to spend way more hours on it to get the same amount I'm getting per day now, not to mention I had to take Paypal shows to get my personal goals. Streamate I just keep it all to the site. Bless them and their userbase.