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My most recent post regarding freeloaders sparked a question. What are the warning signs of a potential stalker? I used to be under the false impression that the average stalker was often a wealthy and lonely person because it takes money for someone to be able to sit at home and travel (gas, plane tickets, etc) to track a person's every move. But when it comes to being a camgirl, what should you be wary of?

A few months ago I found myself being annoyed by two freeloaders. One called herself Deborah and the other jimmy. I got fed up with jimmy for constantly coming to my room to bore me with small talk, never tipping nor buying shows so I blocked him. He managed to find another way into My room with the same name. Thinking it wasn't the same person, I made the mistake of talking with him and again blocked him. The 3rd time he found his way into My room, I wouldn't even talk to him but just blocked him again. But he keeps finding his way right back into My room and he never changes his name so I just completely ignore him. He knows not to say anything to Me so he just sits there for a minute and then leaves. Really weird. As for Deborah, I stopped talking to her altogether because it was obvious that she was just looking for attention (she could have simply gone to a none adult chatroom like yahoo or something). She came across as being one of those desperately lonely people that call Target just to talk with employees for the hell of if. Anyway, I stopped talking to her so to get My attention, she made up a different user name. Posed as a male customer and began chatting with Me about a fetish. Then she suddenly left and came back under he regular name trying to engage in conversation with me about that very fetish. This time I banned her ass. So, a few weeks ago some "guy" came in under the name KMorten22. Says he has a small dick. Thinking he wanted a pvt, I began using My spin on that but he wouldn't go into pvt. Just kept talking and tried to change the subject by asking if I had any plans of partying that weekend so I refused to answer the question and ignored him. The idiot came back a few more times but I refused to give him attention. When he showed up in My room yesterday, I just walked out of view of My camera and did other things around the house expecting him to get bored and leave. When that didn't happen after 5 min. I banned him. Shortly after that, a person with the handle "Longdong" came in. I went right into a sales pitch and dong left when asked about pvt. I suspect it was KMorten22. I kind of wonde if KMorten might be that weirdo, Deborah.


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I've had stalkers before. There's not really any warning signs when you first meet them. They tend to get clingy over time. There are times where I've had an inkling that it could get bad and have to block them then and there.

Normally you can get clues that it's getting bad or unhealthy. If they spend an excessive amount of time or money on you, if they are in your room all the time, if they want to chat constantly, that sort of thing. It depends on the person though! Some people are just nice and are not stalkers. Pay attention to what they say.