Skype Kik sex forum


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I had this guy contact me on skype today and he said he got my Skype Id from a Forum called Skype Kik sex forum. He said that is the name of the place but would not give me the url. Anybody heard of such a place and so I can go to it and get my Id remove from it as I did not put it up there.


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yes there are such sites where bunch of skype id usernames are posted daily,. and kik or snapchat usernames,,. instagram and other apps,. but mostly freeloaders and beggers post their skype ids hoping to get a call from a girl and see her naked lol,. they have no idea that many girls get paid for that it's called cam modelling,. I don't know what those assholes expect from the girls,. i tried it once too just to test it and u can see ur skype get flooded with video calls, messages,. disgusting messages.,. links of some of those sites:
and many many more ... i think most guys register as girls on those sites too cause they are so desperate and broken asses in the same time,. having no money and nothing pretty on them,. so the only option left for them is to register as a girl to get bites of attention,. even getting A BLOCK or insult by some stranger girl for them is A PLEASURE,.
I don't suggest anyone signing up on those sites.