Sharing About yourself


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Like most of you, I get asked 10 billion questions everytime I go on and I'm trying to navigate what and what not to say.

I've shared my hobbies, fav foods, fav color, why I started camming (p.s. how do others reply to that one?), how the weather is out, and about my sex experiences.

I don't give information of exact location but have shared I'm midwest. Even that I feel like I should not even share. Also, I feel like a guy could come up with a few accounts, take the time over months and figure it out. I haven't been a lot of places so I've said "oh, I've never been there".

I did share the degree I got in college but going to quit sharing that. I didn't even think that the program name is not as common as psych and could get looked up.

I guess what I'm curious is things I wouldn't even think of besides the obvious like events I go to or family etc.

Thank you for the advice.


Question: Where are you from?
Answer: The internet.
Question: How old are you?
Answer: It's rude to ask a lady that.
Question: Do you know where ____ is?
Answer: Nope
Question: What is/Do you/Who was/Can you..... etc.
Answer: I'll answer your questions in private (change the wording if you want to seem nicer).

Rule 1: keep yourself safe
Rule 2: you don't have to share anything
Rule 3: always refer to rule 1