Selling your tumblr


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I've seen a lot of girls selling their tumblr as a club, if you will.
I was wondering what you guys put in those tumblrs. I would like to do it but I'm at a loss of what to do.
Do you just put your content in there for a certain price? Do you post nudies there? Halp?


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I have a special tumblr that serves as the place where I post the content for my "fan club", called Mona's Minions on mfc. Every week I post a 3-5min video clip and every month I upload a high-res picture set. I have 3 tiers of minions (666, 1666, and 2666 tokens) but they all get access to the PW-protected blog, the differences in the tiers is made up with other content, like panties, skype, snapchat, videos, etc.