Selling Recorded Privates/Exclusives


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Hi girls and guys,

So, I started recording all my cam sessions, and I've edited some of my privates into videos that I could sell. Do you think this is ok, or do you think customers would be disappointed that they're not purpose filmed videos.

I have a few other videos that were recorded purely for the purpose of being sold, too. Should I charge less for the pvt videos?

Thanks for your opinions


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My private videos don't sell very well on Clips4Sale, as a rule... BUT the exceptions have been some of my best sellers.
Guys have asked for their private sessions that I've recorded (because CB doesn't allow for downloads of the sessions they record), and when they've paid extra or been good clients, I've sent them the downloads.

One guy specifically asked for me to record the private sessions he did with me, and I'll be posting them in my paysite later this month or next because they are SO hot. He was a VERY generous client, so he's already downloaded HIS copies, FIRST.

Overall, reactions to me recording shows have been good. I've even recorded some fetish sessions during free chat, and one of my best selling cigar smoking clips was recorded on a slow as hell night and made me over $100 after I posted it.

Guys are paying for my 1 on 1 undivided LIVE attention, and an interactive orgasm... not for exclusivity to the show once time has passed (and I am so bad that it takes me at least a month to post anything if someone doesn't specifically request it, and usually by then, they forget anyway).