Seeking Friendship/Guidance/Advice/Mentorship

I've done a fair share of research over the last few weeks and I still have a lot of questions that I can't find answers to. Specifics about creating content, selling physical products, social media, personification, supporting fellow models, offering services to other models, mental health, etc.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a little time with me? Or perhaps point me in the proper direction to where I can find more detailed information other than what appears to be readily available online?

I consider the insight of a well established model to be very valuable and I'm willing to offer graphic design services (I have a degree) in exchange for a more involved mentorship type relationship.


Jr. Member
I would be more than happy to help you out. I am new to this site, but not new to the industry, I can definitely give you some tips & tricks to get the ball rolling for you. I am familiar with the specifics you mentioned. I am a full time student and this can be time consuming (not a prob, just short on time) but if you can be understanding of that, I'd be more than happy to work something out with you. I have mentored many girls in the last three years so, I do have a bit of experience with that. Shoot me a pm and lets get something set up asap.