Room Setups


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This is something that I struggle with constantly, so hoping getting some feedback from you guys might help e solve this problem.

I am constantly moving the furniture around in my apartment trying to find a set up that works well and is comfortable. What I mean specifically is, If i cam on the bed then I need to raise my laptop off the bed, which makes it a pain in the ass to type when someone is pm'ing, trying to get the cam far enough away always seems to be an issue too, move the laptop away and cant read the screen, move it close enough to read and it feels like the extreme close up from waynes world. the amount of cables drives me crazy, nothing sexy sexy like being able to move because your tangled in the cable for the cam / speakers / charger / cooling pad and dont want anything unplugging lol
I do have a tripod for the cam (logitech c270) but the cable seems to be pretty short, maybe im just being picky, lol.

Just thought it would be an interesting topic on how everyone has done their setups to avoid these kinds of issues


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Hello Darling,I am going to share some tips.
1.) Get a Desk,it can be one of those small dinner tables something small you can move around.
2.) Get a blue tooth keypad and mouse. this will allow you to respond to pms and type with out having to move the actual computer keeping all the sexy angles,juuust right~
3.) Increase your size on the website or browser,YOU want the size to be big, or huge
(if you are able to afford it buy a small flat-screen and hoot it up to your laptop and bam bigger monitor, if not The large text size will do)
remember your GOAL is to look sexy and keep the angle just right but remember to move the camera's point of view ever 20-30 minutes for a while keep things interesting.