Regulars vs new tippers?


Jr. Member
I know there are different type of customers who tip us and their reasons to do so,.
Some regulars tip us cause they wanna see us: 1. naked
2. smile and be happy
3. cause they think they became our
virtual bf or someone very close to us
And some of the new tippers will tip us once and then never again or they will become our regulars ( from my experience)
And there are also those little baby fishes (small tippers who tip the minimum)
So, i was wondering how to treat them,. u know u gotta be adaptive to each of these groups of people, but sometimes i can't estimate their wishes or read their mind Smiley :S
Sometimes, some of the big whales leave too soon and i am wondering if i did something wrong or they really need to leave. Hm,.
At the end of all ends the main QUESTION IS: Who needs to get 90% of my attention and love - the big whales or everyone? I mean excluding the beggers of course lol


IMO I usually try to focus equally on my Regular members who tip and New members who tip.
The key word is TIP. These are the members that understand why you are there, to make income.

Some, but not all, conversationalists are TW. I notice if you direct them at least 2 different times to tip for your content, or your Tip Menu & they don't tip, they are usually looking for something for free. Just ignore Time Wasters, unless they get super annoying. Then just kick or ban them. The more you filter out the freeloaders, the more time you can focus of your regulars and new tippers.

Don't be afraid to kick and ban. They're not dumb. they know that you need tips, not just conversations lol No mercy for the Time Wasters.

And also, the members who tip every single time they join your live chatrooms are GOLD. They will be the consistency of your paychecks so I usually treat them more to exclusive deals and incentives, I even have a Snapchat just for these kinds of members.

Not saying you should ignore new tippers though, but you need to streamline a way to making them one of your regulars. Some won't come back to chat, some will come back in months time, some even the next day. Remember their names, thank them for the tips and try to build a better relationship to making them a regular member in your room


TW=Kick & ban immediately

New Tippers= Remember their names, Thank them for their tips, & find a way to make them regulars

Regular Tipper= GOLD

Hope this helps.