Red flags


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There is a gentleman who found me on Twitter and has decided he is rather fond of me. On Chaturbate his name is purple which means he has spent some money and therefore I decided it would be okay to engage with him lightly in hopes that he would become a customer. I'm still new and my rooms can be slow so I enjoy the conversation.

Anyways. After chatting with him for just a short while I informed him I had other obligations and had to leave for a while. When I returned to my phone I had a ton of missed messages from him saying things like "I hope you check this the millisecond you're done", "I'm worried about you", "I guess your phone died", etc. I told him that I was not okay with that at all and he apologized so I let it go. However, he continued to message me quite a bit and would get aggressive when I didn't respond right away. I told him I would cease all contact with him if he continued to act that way.

My question is, is this an obvious red flag? I was holding out hope that he might be a good customer but this doesn't seem worth the hassle. What do you do in these situations? I feel like I should just block him and move on from it. If he acts this way now what will he act like in the future when he does potentially get some one on one time with me? Writing this out it seems obvious what my course of action should be, but I'm still curious what you to do in this scenario.


Well, Yes. I consider this a red flag. Block him because he might become a stalker and that is the last thing you need in this business. Be safe.