Recordings on Myfreecams Share


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I just noticed today when I checked my Myfreecams share account that I have 3 recordings saved from when I was doing group/private shows. I just started using CharlesBot and I think I heard from someone on here that it records you while online. Does anyone know anything about CharlesBot recording you while online and then posting it to your Myfreecams share account? I'm just assuming it's got to be from CharlesBot. Or can members or MFC record you while onine and then save it to your MFC share account? I just think its so wierd that I was recorded and then sent to me. Not that I'm upset or anything from it (I don't know, should I?) but really just wanna know how they got there.


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Myfreecams Share has it built-in now. By default they should all be invisible to all but you until you change that setting.