Quick Chaturbate Questions


Jr. Member
1) How do I get more viewers while I'm live? The tips are fairly consistent, but it's always like 7-20 viewers only...it bothers me.

2) How do you make 'HD' come up while you're live so viewers can see you have an HD cam? I forgot how.

3) Is social media really going to improve things, or can I just put my focus onto CB? I currently live with family, so I'm keeping my cam return a secret.


Yes, social media is important. It is likely the reason you only have 7-20 people in your room at once. I would get on twitter ASAP and just as importantly start building an email list. Twitter and Instagram are getting heavier handed with the ban hammer and shadow banning which means we could have our accounts deleted at any moment. I know plenty o girls that had 50k plus followers and are having to start from scratch, many of them keep back up accounts because of it. The only real solution to combat this is to keep an email list of your own.!!

Also, why does it bug you to only have a small number of viewers? If you are getting tips consistently that is all that matters.. the most important metric is conversions and engagement not so much views.

If you have 20 viewers and say 8 of them tip you that is a 40% conversion rate which is phenomenal. Many of the big streamers you see with thousands of views may have 10k viewers but only maintain a 3% conversion rate. If you like to read and want to improve lookup Kevin Kelly "Thousand True Fan Theory."
Remember views is largely a vanity metric, albeit if you have more viewers you are likely to get more tips but you are also more likely to be exposed to your family.

Not trying to discourage you just trying to let you know not to sweat the views so much and to get your but on social quick like.. I put it off for 3 years and regret it hardcore... if you want to follow me on Twitter and I will share you to my audience, its not huge (1,700) but they are all really super engaged and active. Also follow people like @DirkHooper and the RT slave promoter guys... Best of luck!!