Questions for cammers who started out with a mask, then stopped wearing one.


As the title suggests, this is for the mask-wearers who have since stopped wearing a mask on cam.

1) How long did you cam for until you stopped wearing a mask?
2) Did you notice any increase in your earnings?
3) If you could go back in time, would you have kept on the mask? Essentially, was it worth it?

I started this thread because I was getting ready to cam, then checked myself out on the pre-stream feed without a mask.. and begun to have many internal conflicts. It felt very similar to the questions I had placed before I started camming altogether. "Is this worth it? What if someone recognises me on cam? What if someone recognises me outside and wants to flirt/hurt/insult me? What if, what if, what if.."
I must admit, I have been feeling extremely low lately, and wonder if this is a by-product of a "screw it! / yolo" mood. My streams are thoroughly recorded from start to finish, and caps of my unmasked face would then remain out there forever, so.. if I do go without the mask..
I know that the risks remain even with the mask, but of course, they are lowered. I think I look very different without the mask on.
At the same time, wearing the mask has become slightly annoying. I get sweaty, I constantly have to re-adjust, and it barely hangs on to my face if I do not wear my headset.

Really, I would appreciate it if anyone shared their stories and experiences with this particular situation.
I haven't used a mask before but because I worked in local government, I did have to be careful not to be recognized. Thankfully, the website I use has a feature to block my state. As for Twitter, I NEVER post my face. When I look at the other people streaming, I feel like I don't measure up to their looks so I just go for "girl next door" hook. Use basic cover up should I get acne, and eye shadow if I'm feeling like I want to be more of a flirt. Otherwise, just act fun and playful and confident. Thankfully, I haven't had a lot of assholes insult me. When they do, it is usually cause I don't want to flash for free or give them a picture.