Question (Trigger Warning)


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This may be a trigger warning for some, so I'll leave the topic below if you aren't comfortable reading my question.

Trigger: Childhood sexual abuse/assault.

I've been through it myself. For many years my mother would try labeling me as a sex addict, etc, in my opinion simply for just naturally exploring my sexuality as a teen (online stuff' sending nudes/dirty texts to strangers, then camming itself later when legal). If you're also a survivor of abuse (and are comfortable discussing this here), has anyone in your life judged you for being a camgirl based off the fact you've been abused? It really irks me. How do you deal? And, is it technically an unhealthy thing to be doing when you have trauma?


I have always been sexual, even before I knew it was "sex" - I know that sounds odd, but when I was pretty young I discovered that if I squeezed my legs together, I would have orgasm after orgasm. Well, it is pretty difficult to control since it felt so good, and I was SO young (elementary school). Well, this didn't sit well with my ultra conservative, religious family. I really felt shamed - and had no real idea why.

I continued to be pretty sexual with my first real experience at 15. I loved it. So, sometimes I think we are just born over sexual sometimes. I found adult work quite easy to fit into. I was a dancer years and years ago and then discovered camming and never looked back. Who knew in your 50's you could still make money in this game!