Question about selling videos on Streamate


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hello there!

I never tried to sell a video on Streamate (like in Gold Shows, u know?)

So i would like to know where u girls upload your videos so i can be safe.



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If you're going to sell videos then do it right. Sell your videos on a site like Clips4Sale instead of Streamate. There's no way in hell I would sell my good videos on Streamate to end up with 35% when I can get 65% to 70% from a site that's set up to sell content. The only video I would consider selling is my daily video of what I'm wearing for that day. They're going to get 65% for what? You have to host your own videos and give the member the download link. Most of those chicks that are offering those videos have membership sites and they have a deal with Streamate. Streamate sends traffic to their members site and gets a cut when someone joins that site and in return that performer gives those members a discount on private chats.

You need a web hosing account and have to password protect it so no one can just come to the site and download your video for free. Before anyone comes in here and say something about Media Fire, they don't allow adult content. Trying to pull a Slick Willy by using these free video sites is going to backfire on you sooner or later. I don't care what you name the file, they can still find out it's adult content. You risk having all of your content deleted and then all of that work is for nothing. These sites that allow you to upload videos for free don't allow adult content and it's not worth it trying to get something for nothing. Most sites that allow you to sell your clips take at least 35% and you have to realize that they are hosting your content and handling the payment processing.

There are two ways to sell videos. The most popular way is to use a site like Clips4Sale or Cam Girl Collective where you can upload your video and they handle the payment processing. The second way is to have your website but you have to password protect the site so your videos don't get downloaded for free. You also have to have a way to accept payments.

From a technical stand point, Streamate is a cam site and isn't set up to sell content. They would have to have their merchant account set up for that which would mean that they would have to provide a way for the member to download the content. They are not doing that, you would be doing that. If there's a problem or complaint then they are not going to take responsibility because technically they are not set up to sell content. Just because you see someone doing something don't make it right. There are chicks selling content and panties. Streamate could lose their merchant account because they are not set up to sell downloadable content or tangible goods like panties. I know this because several years ago Clips4Sale was trying to sell tangible goods like shoes and a couple of other items. They had problems having it approved with their merchant account and gave up on the idea. That's why Nite Flirt won't allow you to sell tangible goods, their merchant account isn't set up for it. Nite Flirt also don't allow cam shows without the member being on the phone. That member can say that you didn't provide the cam service so at least if the caller is on the phone there is a record of the call. Selling tangible goods and downloadable content runs a high risk of chargebacks because the member can like and say that the download didn't work or he didn't receive the goods.

If you really want to sell content then try Clips4Sale. It is the largest cam site out there. I've been on there since 2007 and I've only had 1 chargeback and 1 refund in all that time. You can also add content to your Cam Girl Collective profile.