Playfair Basics on Nitelfirt (NF) Concerning Race Play Question


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This is not a call out or judgy post, just honestly curious question... In NiteFlirt playfair basics it says no use of Racial slurs... Is that only on your listing in words? Or is that in your content period? I know there have to be girls doing race play on there lol. Black on White, White on Black especially with domination. I'm dabbling in it and not sure how to appropriately approach it and how they review the content. I know it's ok on Streamate. Some call it power play/race play... I know of some models that have 'degrading names' and use the N word on their listing (But they're like old dated profiles). Any information will help thank you.


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Actually, I can answer this for you. With NiteFlirt, everything has to do with their payment processor. When it comes to raceplay; you can't use n-word, plantation, C***, Mandingo, or Mandinga in your profile, goodie bags, and other things.You can't say those words in Spanish either.They flagged content for that as well. You can't say most Native American and Latino racial slurs but you can say S**** and w******.You can't say most racial slurs for Asian and Indians but G*** .However, you can do hardcore raceplay without saying that.You must find racial slurs that are less known. Then if you have an white character, NiteFlirt will allow you to use the word Aryan, Peckerwood( This is more for the guy side), and other things. I hope this helps clear up what is and not allowed in raceplay on NiteFlirt.