Payment issues


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Hi I have just recently joined MFC, I am from the U.K. and was hoping to use Epayments as my method of payment. However, I have just realised that Epayments is not supported at the moment so what would you suggest my next best method of payment should be please? I was thinking maybe epayservice... however upon signing up they are asking for information as to where my money will be coming from and links to the website etc. Am I allowed to say it’s from camming? TIA x


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I live in Canada so a lot of the payment services aren’t great here and the currency transfer is an issue, BUT if you can do the Wire Transfer that’s a good option - the only thing is that you need to make a minimum of $500USD per pay period or else they won’t send it until the next one (providing you’ve made $500 by then). This is because MFC pays for the wire transfer fee, which is $50USD so it has to be worth it for them too. (Remember if you made 500 it means they made around that off of you) The wire transfer usually comes on the first or the second but keep in mind if banks are closed (holidays, weekends etc) either in the states OR the UK then the transfer won’t clear until banks are open on both ends. I’ve familiarized myself with American bank holidays because of that lol. Hope this helps!!! Welcome to MFC :h: It’s a great site :)
PS with wire transfers you don’t have to declare where the money is from but camming is legal - it’s just certain services (like PayPal) are not sexy worker friendly - I’m sure MFC wouldn’t link to any services like that but just in case you can check their user agreements and check for a “morality clause”
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