Open about adult entertaining?

Hmmmm. This topic strikes me as odd. Call me fortunate, I suppose, as I don't feel like I need to hide it. Call me an asshole, I suppose, because even if I felt pressured to hide it, that would give me all the more motivation to excel. I'm not saying that I shove it in people's faces. I'm just saying that I've been very open and honest with everyone about my career choice. It has caused those men who are more on the insecure and judgemental side to not ask for a second date or whatever, but I look at it like a blessing. Who wants a crybaby weakling who's intimidated by career choice to be their significant other? Not me. Someone, please help me understand why we would hide it from someone we're really interested in, especially if the career existed prior to even having met said person? I swear I'm not being mean, I just don't understand.


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I admire your confidence. It's literally been enough information to persuade a court one way or the other that a mother may be unfit for her kids. I avoid it not out of shame, for safety.