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I am truly seeking advice, or suggestions, on how to go on cam when you just have so much "real world" shit coming at you that all you want to do is "hide"? I don't know if I have ever felt this way, and when I worked a more demanding job, I could focus on it, and let the real world stuff take second tier.

Why can't I do this with camming? Why do I feel I need to be authentically happy and upbeat while camming, and yet, I know that this job is, in essence, being an actress?

I wasted an entire day today hiding in my bed and trying to escape for just one day. It is not who I am and I did make an appointment with a therapist (day after Thanksgiving), just to find some strategies on how to let go of my adult children.

I see camming as my "new" career as it is my primary focus (I am retired). I enjoy my job, but I am always "present" on those days and see my work as a welcomed distraction to my real world most of the time. I couldn't even fake it today. Sigh.... thank you ALL for being my sounding board. No one understands the field or lifestyle as others who walk the walk. I don't know if I really had a question or not, beyond strategies on how to maintain the hustle through "down" mental days. Thanks to all of you, just for being here and taking time to read.


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Camming is physically and emotionally challenging. It's okay not to go on and self care lovely one. Sometimes going on lifts me up..the orher morning I was up and ready to go on..I terms of makeup. But my body said..nope.