Niteflirt And Others...


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Question To those who work multiple phone sex sites... Beginning of the year I tried to juggle NF and TTM, and another site all at once at one point and would get a little jumbled up.

With NiteFlirt which is better to do?

A. Turn off your avaibality completely "Away not taking calls" - with the send text sign on
B. Go into the listings settings and select "mail only" on my listings and keep my availability on

The thing I don't like about NF is that when I'm bidding if I turn my avail off then it sends my listing to the back, but if I change it to mail only would it do the same? Make customers not want to click it? Thoughts?
Thinking about having my schedule on at the bottom and saying something like "if my line is off during these hours shoot me a text"?


A trick I learned on NF is to keep your availability on and just change your rate to something extremely high. Also cancel your bidding so you’re not wasting money. That way you usually won’t be bothered by the majority of callers, and if someone does happen to still call well then you’ve made quite a bit of moolah! Also customers can still add you to their faves and most will just message or chat you if interested.