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I went online for my 3rd night ever last night. I have never ever cammed in my life and have only peeked in other girl's rooms. I have had 4 private meets in this time. I saw today my rating on Camsoda was shitty, like 63%. I know the first one I ever did the guy was like immediately "TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF HURRY!" and I was confused as to what was even happening and the session ended, he chatted in my chat I was too slow (womp, IDC). The second time I know it went well, I had chatted the guy so I was really comfortable, he wasn't asking for anything crazy. The 3rd time was OK (was good until the end and then I didn't know what to do), and the 4th time the guy even tipped me extra during the session, told me he had fun. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING YALL. Do you have a set thing you will do in every pvt? Do you ask them what they like and try to go from there? HALP.

**EDIT: Important to note I am self concious about my flabby belly from losing a lot of weight. I tag myself BBW in hopes people realize I am not a flat tummy type. I do not get fully nude in Pvt. Is that wrong? I do make sure the important bits are visible**

Thanks and much love!


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You can try this: Before accepting a private verify what the user is actually looking for and state what you are willing to do or at least what you do not do in private. Send out or notification or clarify in your bio what potential paying members can expect from you. Also try to seldom give out discounts or don't discount your privates at all. That only attracts cheap members who will try to take advantage of you. It sounds like the first guy who was in a hurry was trying to take advantage of your new status to get freebies and humiliate you. Look out for members like that and don't entertain them. I don't think every member rates privates. Once you get a few good privates you should see your ratings go up. Hope this helps!