Newbie Feeling Discouraged!


Hi all!

I’ve been at camming for a couple weeks and am still getting a feel for it. I’m enjoying myself and have a few regulars and (what seems to me) a decent amount of followers on the two sites I’ve been exploring (mfc and Chaturbate.)

However, the first week I worked, knowing almost nothing, I did quite well�'exceeding all countdown goals, getting offers for privates and group shows, etc. I wasn’t ready to do anything beyond nudity in public chat and still was turning a profit!

and then things slowed down. I’ve definitely gotten more comfortable and knowledgeable about camming and still have new model status so I don’t really understand it! I’m offering more dynamic shows, I know more people, but still. The past few days I’ve tried really lowering my goals and even not having any, just having fun and trying to meet new people, but I’m having trouble filling a room and making tips.

Is it something I’m doing? Or are things just slow right now due to the economy/model saturation/etc.? I’m replying to pms, showing up regularly, chatting, dancing, smiling, not begging for tips, but is there something I’m missing? does anyone have any advice for a newbie getting a little discouraged?


Jr. Member
Hours,hours,hours you must put in tokens sites a bunch of hours online especially in the begin minimal 8-10 pro day for 4, 5 months...I know is not easy but is a key ...those sites are very challenging,and keep always the same schedule...I wouldn´t focus that much on pm (just for tippers the best),coz pm distract you from the main room ,try to speak to the room to all.I wouldn´t lowing goals is not productive the message you send is ´´I don´t deserve that tokens that I seat up on the begin´´and seating no goals not so really a way TO GO coz they don´t know for what they can tip what they get ecc ecc.Remember exist up and down in this industry and if you are not ready to work hard on tokens sites is difficoult to have succes there.