New Camsite! (Much like CB and MFC)


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I rarely (ok never have) posted on the forum here, but I went to write a review on one of my favorite new sites, and it wasn't listed. Anywayyyy I figured I would tell people about it here and hope that a mod/admin see's it and adds it to the camsite list. Hopefully I am posting it in the right spot, but if not, move it around as you please.

The site is Camgod. Here is "my" referral link...

So, with that being said, the site isn't even a month old. They are still getting their kinks in order but it is a combination of CB and MFC. You have more freedom like the older MFC days (you can drink, smoke, and do public shows as long as they aren't in 'openly' public places). Yet has the same layout as CB, you can make apps and the layout is very similar.


-Because its a new site, they offer a 90% payout on your referrals (50% tips, 20% extra on referral tips, and 20% extra on what your referral buys). For the first 6 months after becoming a "producer".

-They have AMAZING contests: Daily you get $100 just for having the most people in your room, Weekly you get $250 for most time spent online, and Monthly you get $500 for getting the most awards. These contests will keep going on and possibly even add to them. Oh and once 30 broadcasters are working on a daily basis, he is offering a 10k prize. No idea how they are going to choose it, but who doesn't want a piece of that? Also, you get $1 for any signup, even if they never buy credits.

-You also make $100 after each female broadcaster referral signs up and makes their first $100.

-The owner of the site is SUPER personal. He actually will add models to his skype for any questions (and prefers it). And no, he isn't some creeper trying to hit on you either.

-Payout...seriously, the quickest I have ever gotten paid on a site. I also have direct deposit so not sure how payoneer or checks would be, but I sure got paid quickly.

-You can upload ANY type of video there without needing anyone else in the videos to get verified, and you still made the 90% cut on your referrals when they buy them! Their clip section alone is pretty awesome. Many different "topics" to choose from in uploads, a lot like c4s.

The negs:

-The site is SUPER NEW so its kinda like BYOT (bring your own traffic). You will get a few wanderers coming in that other models referred, but their traffic isn't great. However, most of us have our biggest fans on our twitter and such and they follow us where we go.

-They are still working out a lot of little kinks to improve the site, I imagine in time it will be even better.

So if you don't mind bringing your own traffic and testing out the new site, or have a competitive edge and want to go for the contests, I suggest you sign up and try it out.

And lastly, I wouldn't be mad if you guys DID decide to join and did it with my link! So here my link, again. Which hopefully...some of you guys decide to join after reading this.

Also...I was made aware of an incident that happened, that is pretty unfortunate and they fucked up and posted another girls ID in her photo section, although my experiences have been positive so far, I joined after this and just learned about it today. I still stand behind my review of the good experience I have had so far, but I do want to let everyone know about that just in case you didn't see the other thread. That is a BIG mistake and some may think twice because of it.