Myfreecams Share Video Prices


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HELP! Just made my first video to post on Myfreecams Share (and eventually other clip sites).......I have heard that videos on clip sites are typically priced at $1/min, so does that mean I should convert that to tokens to figure out how much to charge on MFC? My first video ever (!!!) is 11 mins long so I figured 220 tokens? Does that seem reasonable? I honestly have no idea what to charge!


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Not a model, I think it's really up to you. Like what you want to charge.

If you browser around MFC share, you'll see a wide range of prices.
300 token for 9 minute. 33 tokens a minute. 30 USD for customer.
900 token for 10 minutes. 90 tokens a minute. 74 USD for customer.
200 tokens for 2 minute. 66 tokens a minute. 20 USD for customer.
300 tokens for 6 minutes. 50 tokens a minute. 30 USD for customer.
100 tokens for 15 minutes. 6 tokens a minute. 10 USD for customer.
400 tokens for 11 minutes. 36 tokens a minute. 40 USD for customer.
100 tokens for 5 minutes, 2 tokens a minute. 10 USD for customer.

Some of this probable depends on quality of the video, subject mater.

Typically the higher the price, the less people are going to buy it.
But you can always start high, and drop the price over time.

As a customer,
I have to buy tokens in batches, 200, 550, 900.
So 100, 200 is an easy 20 dollar buy.
201 to 400 I'm looking at it as 40 dollar purchase
400-550, I'm going to start looking at it as a 50 dollar purchase.


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Not a model, only a member. So, only giving my perspective on purchasing content.

For myself, when it comes to buy content, there's a couple of key factors that affect my purchases:

1) Familiarity with the model - I'm more apt to purchase from a model I know, than a new one.
2) Quality of the video - Kind of a broad scope of things here. Everything from video/audio quality to artistic level of the video when it comes to subject as well as how the model is in the clip.

At this point, I'm more apprehensive to buy content from a model I don't know because of the "unknown" factor. I don't know her level of quality in terms of video production, and how she is overall. Had a few bad purchases, which more or less turned me off of unknown (to me) models. But, if the quality seemed decent, and it piqued my interest I'd buy for 200 tokens and not give it too much thought as it's only $20 (MFC tokens 200 for $19.99).

Now, if you're a model I'm familiar with because I've been in your room more than a few times, I'm much more open to taking a gamble and paying more. I've purchased "first videos" for up to 500-550 on a couple of times. But, I had a good idea of a few things, so felt comfortable on the purchase.

That being said, there's two trains of thought on this:

1) Sell at a lower price to make it much more appealing for people to take a risk and potentially make more due to volume?

2) Sell it at a higher price, which may only be appealing to a smaller group of people?

You could try setting it at 250 and seeing what level of interest there is. This may also give you some wiggle room for promotion while camming publicly. Could do it as a kind of "222" promotion which some people will jump on if it means a savings of a few tokens. Also, if it doesn't sell that well there, it may not be as much of a drop down to a lower level to increase sales.

Apologies on some of the rambling. Just trying to throw some other ideas out there to help you come to an informed decision. For the longest time, it was rare for me to purchase content. However over the past few months, I've found myself purchasing more content as compared to all the years prior. Hopefully some of the models will help give you more info so you can make a more informed decision.