Myfreecams room empty


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I started Myfreecams10 days ago. I was also broadcasting on F4F and wanted to experience a freemium site, since I really didnt enjoy the cold ambiance on F4F and the rough pvt shows with rude ppl. When I started MFC, I was thrilled by how people were nice and reactive. Though I didnt realize how being consistent the first days was the key. Then it started to go low, even with a few guys who really liked me coming back. I skipped 4th and 5th day and this was my big big mistake I think. Now I am consistent, I do new things everytime, take care of lights and I am very careful to be always smiling and with good energy. Though, I only met 1 or 2 new people each day, and my room is empty. I say empty, and I don't mean 5 or 6 people inside, no. It is empty. There is only one guy always here hahaha, and he keeps me away from depression !

My question is : should I still go with Myfreecams and try to stay few weeks, everyday, to collect a maximum of customer or should I go on CB. I wanna be sure because if I start over on CB, I will put all my efforts there now I know that it is one of the biggest keys. I was in the mood to continue with MFC no matter what at least one month, but then I saw new models complaining about score being at "only" 1500, which for me woul be awesome, and I feel like I 100% screwed up everything so I am loosing faith...

The problem is that I don't even see people passing by my room, so I feel everything I do is useless, and when there is a name popping in and out in 2 seconds I just feel like I am disgusting or there is smthg wrong with me. I am camming because I want to have good moments and to feel good and appealing, and it is just making me feel terrible...