Myfreecams Pixelated and choppy webcam , on High speed internet and brand new Mac book, help!


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Hello! I’ve found this site so helpful since I started camming in Jan ( former stripper ) I’ve been hauling ,mfc with only The occasional glitchy day but for the last ten days my webcam for members has been totally pixelated , choppy and unviewable. I havenot changed anything , I have a new MacBook, changed my Internet to the fastest ever ( as I thought it was this) tried Ethernet cables , and even used an old laptop to see if it was my Mac ( I view my stream as a guest on my IPad now so I can see how bad it is ) I’m at a total loss , mfc are no help, me for a few days it looked like it was the whole site , but today I see other models cams working perfectly and crisply.... so jealous ! Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions ?!?! I use the macs internal webcam as the Logitech cam I want has been backordered since the pandemic started. I’d be so grateful for Any suggestions or insight As it’s driving me crazy and I can’t make any money on there with it like this !


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Streaming method, like Nigerian Prince asked, is an important clue. What's the speed of your internet? Try it throughout the day to see if it stays steady - will work as a starter. Whatever your upload is, use less than 80% as your peak goal. Depending on your ISP even that might be optimistic.

When they say pixelated do they mean it's lower resolution than they'd like or the MFC blur monster? That's fairly new on MFC where instead of stuttering it turns into abstract pixel soup.

Stuttering has always been machine and connection dependent. Haven't used a Mac since forever, there must be some quick way to check CPU use. If it's at 100% the machine can't provide the frames to be sent out. Laptops suffer from their environment here - often models like to move it from a desk to their bed only to find it all goes wrong. The machine needs airflow underneath and gets suffocated by the cloth. If the machine is running say 60% spiking up to 80%, you're good. (lot higher than many high end machines, but that's still in the good).

I'm not aware of any particular issues with Macs on MFC. As for the site, yeah, if you've been on MFC for any time you've seen the whole site crash. It's a thing, sometimes it's even amusing. There is no preferential treatment for models or countries, it's just the lottery of the internet that some work better some days. It's not the reason for ongoing streaming issues in a particular room though.