Myfreecams - Lush2 help


Jr. Member
Checking out MyFreeCams, and the interface is a little beyond me. I can't for the life of me figure out how to connect my Lovense to room. Is it possible like with Camsoda? CS is easy, you scan a QR and create tip menu that automatically reacts based on the tips set for each vibe/control. A link to a how-to or another relevant post would be so appreciated! This is my FAVE toy and I really enjoy having it in public chat and such. I did so well on mfc last night, I really want to make the most and see how it goes!


You have to download the Lovense Extension off the Lovense site. It opens just like a web browser & you turn on the extension in the top right corner & then it will let you choose your settings/camsite. You also will need to be connected to the Connect App on your phone as well as have your bluetooth on. (this is if you dont have the bluetooth extension that Lovense sells that plugs into a USB on your computer, Long story short theres a video on the Lovense site that explains it way better than I did, but start with downloading the Extension and you should have no problems. Hope this helps!