Motivational podcast/audiobook?


Jr. Member
I was wondering if any of you had trouble sleeping at night? It happens to me everytime I'm in trouble. I might lose my vanilla job at the end of this month and it keeps me up at night, so I can't really take advantage of my days off to get on cam, and when I do, I wouln't stay for long.

So I tried to listen to self-meditation music and binaural beats but it's not really effective. What I'm looking for is a podcast or an audiobook to listen to, not to help me sleep but to give me a kick in the butt and help me get reboosted because I'm feeling a bit depressed.

Do you have any suggestions? That would really be helpful, thank you.
It happens to me when I have a lot on my mind. Is there a reason your worried about losing your vanilla job? If you did lose your job do you have a plan in place? Would you spend more time on cam if you did? Something that helps me sleep is magnesium pills. It's not a prescription, you can buy them over the counter. They help to calm you and your nervous system. I only take one before bed and I'm asleep within 10 minutes. Just a suggestion. Camomile tea works too.