Member got my address

So a member somehow got ahold of my real address. I'm just waiting any minute for this person to show up any time now. Like what the fuck. I think he somehow track my IP address down to exact location. In order to confuse him a bit I told him I cam at a male's friend place so that if he was even thinking of attempting to show up there that he was going to be greeted by a large male instead of me. Has this ever happened to you that a member somehow gets a hold of your real address.

I don't have my real address in any of my wish lists so no idea how he got it. But some of these losers are smart enough to get into your shit.


Jr. Member
It was your IP address...they can narrow it down to the city you're camming from...and even the block you live in. From there they can search public records to find you or just cruise the neighborhood to catch you out. But if he's told you that he has your address then 9-10 he's already done those things by now to confirm it...and has probably figured out there's no male there either. Sorry to alarm you, but knowledge is power and you need to protect yourself. This is the downside to this industry...he may be completely harmless, all bark no bite...but he may not.