LiveJasmin, Strange goings-on's


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I am a cam model on LiveJasmin. I've worked for LJ for almost 1 year.

A few weeks ago, i had just gotten out of a private and went back into free chat. there were around 70 people in my free chat room, including my boyfriend who just happened to pop in to say hi.

He said, 'is this free chat'? i thought that was strange that he asked me this because he always comes in to see me. Then a lot of the members started saying stuff like, 'wow! when did they start allowing this is free chat.' or 'is fucking yourself with a dildo allowed in free chat".

i totally didn't understand why they were saying all this because i was fully dressed. i was so confused. then my boyfriend texted me to say i should open my browser to see myself live on LiveJasmin. So, i did and OMG!!!! What i was seeing in my free chat room was my last private show i just finished a few minutes ago.

I quickly went offline to contact LJ live support chat. They tried to tell me it was my internet was too slow and my computer didnt have enough RAM memory. So, i listened to their advice and upgraded my computer to the maximum RAM. I figured that would take care of the problem, until today, it happened again.

I did a private show and went back into free chat. except my boyfriend wasnt there to tell me the same thing has happened. I understood what the members were telling me. the same as a few weeks ago. 'since when are they allowing dildo fucking in free chat.' So i checked myself and sure enough, there i was doing the private show i had finished about 10 minutes ago. I was pissed!! i did everything LJ told me to do to fix the problem and still its happening.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them. I've heard that cam sites do this to get members to sign up with their site.

Is this normal? What should i do? Has this happened to anyone else? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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That's really odd, I don't know why that would happen. The only thing I can think of if after you finish a private show on LJ, log out of the system completely and then re-login and restart your free chat. Hopefully that will "clear" the camera.

This still sounds kinda fishy and like it's an error on LJ side. Like if they are archiving your shows, the archiving is too slow. Maybe they the ones need some more RAM. LoL